02 / 07

P&O Ferries

Web platform
Design system

P&O Ferries seamlessly transport customers from A to B and this should be the same for their digital experience. Working closely with the UX team, we created a user-centric digital platform to help customers navigate offerings, make bookings and get inspired.

Dynamic content

Whether looking to book, booked or on board, the website offers ideas and inspiration on what to do, both en route and at the destination. We created dynamic components to entice the users, covering functionalities such as menus, events and facilities. And for travellers using their devices on board, we focussed on mobile-first, and user-friendly experiences.

Booking process

We reduced the number of steps to complete a booking for a seamless and stress-free purchase journey. The booking summary is situated on the left-hand side for users to clearly see their selected journeys. It sits in a ticket shape for better recognition and it prompts users to review their selections.

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